CDS Chauffeur System founders

CDS chauffeur system founders
Meet Gareth and Denise the founders of CDS Chauffeur System.

“We are driven by our desire and freedom to innovate, to create our CDS chauffeur booking software that reaches the full potential of our ideas. And with our extensive toolbox of features, we want to give our clients the ability to deliver their service to their best, and have the edge to compete and succeed in a global environment”.

CDS chauffeur system founder Gareth
Before 2013

Before creating our CDS chauffeur booking system, Gareth worked as a software consultant. During this time he developed many custom-made software systems, for large and small clients throughout the UK.


Firstly, Gareth spent 18 months developing an in-house booking system for chauffeurs, for a leading UK chauffeur company.  And as a result, gaining valuable insight into the chauffeuring industry and how it works.

Roadmap to the CDS system
CDS chauffeur system logo
A Gap in the Market!

Due to experience gained in the industry, he spotted a gap in the market and so set to work.  And hence our fully cloud-based CDS booking system for chauffeurs was born.

Denise CDS chauffeur System founder
The next step in the journey, Denise joined the business in 2015, to bring the CDS chauffeur booking software to market.

And she brings her marketing and sales experience to the company, having gained her experience as a result of running a property management business and then as an estate agent while bringing her children up in France. And further back, she was in the Royal Navy. While wearing many hats in the company, Denise is responsible for management strategy and decision-making and marketing the CDS chauffeur system, and training and support.

Summer 2022
New CDS Chauffeur System Employee, Mia!

We are delighted that Mia (Denise’s daughter) is now working with the CDS chauffeur system, and the good news is that she will be going full-time in early 2023.  So Mia brings her extensive business knowledge and skills to our company, and she is also excellent at design and graphics.  Having passed her master’s in innovation and entrepreneurship during the lockdown and since moving back to the UK, she has been working in the hospitality industry. So Mia is going to be an amazing asset and add a huge amount to our skill set.


Our mission is to closely follow how the chauffeur industry is changing globally while tackling the challenges that brings.

We want our CDS chauffeur system to help ensure the survival of the independent chauffeur company, by offering the same functionality to any size of operator. Due to the huge cost of other systems, normally these tools are only available to large companies. And so,  smaller independent companies struggle to compete.

Based in Stirling in Scotland, we started as a small, family business with a big idea.  We firmly believe that by using our booking system for chauffeurs, independent businesses can survive and compete. Over the past decade, large global affiliate networks have been spreading themselves across the planet and dominating the industry.  But with the CDS chauffeur system, any size company can expand, network globally, and increase profitability.

How can our CDS Chauffeur System help you?

Gareth the joint founder and developer of our CDS chauffeur booking software, brings a unique set of skills to complement his intelligent software design and development. His impressive CV starts from his beginnings as an engineer for Shell UK, and then as a self-taught software developer.  Having worked in various software development posts, he decided to go out on his own as an independent software consultant. During the past 20 years, while running his own business, he did his MBA in business with the Open university. Finally, he co-wrote a book on Innovation in business based on personality type and this book is used as a reference book on MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Index) workshops worldwide. Gareth’s unique skill set and experience have combined to create the best booking system for chauffeurs.


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