If you are a chauffeur then use the CDS chauffeur dispatch software, to get to the next level


Our CDS chauffeur booking system is not only the total solution for any size of operation. But also, any chauffeur can use it, anywhere in the world.

No matter your company size, with the CDS chauffeur booking software,  you can compete against large aggregators, ride-share companies, and middlemen.

Be in control of your future.

Affordable Chauffeur Software

So with no compromise on quality, and with a combination of creativity and intelligent IT. In the booking system for chauffeurs, we give the small independent operator the same tools as the big guy. This results in an even competitive playing field and so small companies can survive.

Basically, you can lift your company from the mundane to the exceptional.

Because we talk to our clients, this helps us improve and evolve our CDS chauffeur booking software.  While making sure we provide what you need, to reach your potential and to be the success that you want to be.

A chauffeur system used by chauffeurs, and built on experience.

And you run a Multi-company/multi-brand operation, so that is no problem with the CDS booking software. Because CDS allows you to run as many companies as you like, and integrate them into the same platform and dashboard. Furthermore, this can be across geographical borders. And if that wasn’t all, the client communications leave the system with a different company branding.

Falcons Ltd
Ibrar Malik

"Gareth & Denise are very receptive and always take feedback on board in regard to the possible changes our clients, affiliates or chauffeur may require."

Driving your innovation

At CDS our mission is to help you succeed and grow. As your chauffeur business is unique with individual requirements, firstly we talk to you to see how and if the system can work for you. And we will tell you if our cds chauffeur booking system is not the right fit for you, so no hard sell.

Training and support

Of course, we won’t pretend it is easy to migrate from another chauffeur system to ours, so we provide detailed online support. Not only in the form of FAQs and documentation but also in short videos. Created to walk you through the setup of our booking software for chauffeurs. 

Instant online support

Together with the extensive support documents, videos, and FAQ.  We also have instant support online through the system, and this is available during business hours. To sum up, the software is all a chauffeur needs, to run their business.  And we make learning the software as easy as we can.

Online support on CDS chauffeur booking system
Bootcamps and Masterclasses

These cover different aspects of the chauffeur software, sometimes explaining a more complex feature like pricing, or teaching you how to use design packages to customise your client confirmations or how to improve your images. Whatever you need!

There are also frequent online sessions. Firstly a Tuesday afternoon session, and that is a basic training session for new users. Secondly, a Wednesday morning session, which has the intention of updating and training current users of the chauffeur system, on new development. Lastly, the Thursday afternoon sessions, is an advanced masterclass that trains current users on the new or more complex features. Then we make the recordings available online, If you didn’t make it.

Green initiatives

Features in CDS chauffeur software to help minimise our impact on the planet.

Co2 Recording

As the system records the mileage and so Co2 for every hire, this is good for corporate clients and their corporate responsibility, recording, and reporting.

Carbon Footprint

We also buy one tree for each new company on our CDS booking system for chauffeurs.  So that as a company working with chauffeurs, we also do what we can to carbon offset.

Driver and Vehicle Planner
The Innovative planner in the CDS booking system helps to use vehicles and drivers efficiently while reducing dead miles.
Dead legging
Additionally, we have a dead legging feature to help fill chauffeur driver return journeys, so to minimise dead miles.
Chauffeur registers exact mileage on App that registers CO2
Chauffeur Car sharing and corporate responsibility
Another great feature for large corporates that have many employees
In the CDS chauffeur booking system, you can detail on the invoice how much co2 they saved by sharing a car. And they can also create a report to present to shareholders.