When you use virtual phone numbers, you set up a communication link between your driver and client, meaning that they can call or message the other, without giving away their personal numbers.

This private and secure connection helps connect both parties and keeps you, as company owner, in control over the connection.

With CDS, you can configure the system to provide this link for the passenger or client to call the driver, or vice versa, for the duration of the hire.  Outside the hire parameters, the call will be diverted to the booking team.

An additional benefit of using the Virtual number facility is to help ensure GDPR compliance. This system guarantees utmost privacy and data security for your client, and the driver, but at the same time enhances the customer experience. It builds trust and customer loyalty, giving them the peace of mind that they can speak directly with the driver, through a risk free, totally secure connection.

By providing a way of linking the driver and passenger or client anonymously, this prevents misuse of sensitive private information, but also helps you to retain your customers, as it helps avoid conversations going on between both parties, when off the job.

The calls between the parties can be recorded, so can be a useful tool for auditing, tracking, and analysing your customers, and can also provide a valuable training tool.

This Virtual phone number facility will also work for members of the CDS community who outsource work to their pre-approved partners, as an anonymous link will be made when the partner company covering a job makes a connection with your client.

CDS users can also give the passenger the virtual number, to store on their phone, and this number will be assigned to them for every subsequent job, regardless of driver doing it. This feature will also work with all international countries by providing a local number, and the system can be configured to make announcements and send messages in the passengers’ native language.

Here at CDS we are committed to consistently providing the chauffeuring community with industry leading features, helping them keep ahead of the competition and grow their way to success.

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