Passenger Benefits

If you communicate professionally with your clients and use the CDS chauffeur booking system with the chauffeur passenger App. Then this will result in a seamless booking experience.

Chauffeur booking system passenger benefits, with chauffeur passenger app

All in All our tools help you give excellent client Service...., Every Time

When you use the CDS chauffeur booking software, then you can provide an easy and smooth booking experience.  And so,  you can give your corporate and private clients the most excellent service, time after time.
branded chauffeur passenger app
Branded Chauffeur
Passenger App

Not only do we give you an integrated and complete, chauffeur booking system.  But we have also added a snazzy CDS passenger App. Either brand it to your company or use our generic option.

Web Chauffeur
Booking Widgets

On account of our web booking widgets linking directly to our chauffeur booking application. Then this results in a straightforward and quick client booking procedure for your clients.

CDS corporate booking portals in CDS chauffeur booking system
Corporate Chauffeur Booking Portals

As corporate and private clients want the freedom to book and manage their journeys. To this end, we have designed portals, where they can book, edit, and also see stored historical invoices and hires.

Branded Passenger App

So keep your clients coming back to you, rather than to your competitors.

By giving your hard-won clients the best customer care then customer retention and loyalty will improve as a result - Above all, give them ease of booking with the unique chauffeur passenger booking App.

Personalised chauffeuring experience

If you tailor your service for each individual client, with our chauffeur booking system tools.  Then you can easily provide a unique chauffeuring experience.

Store client preferences

When you store the client preferences after every journey in the chauffeur booking software. This means you can then continuously tailor the service to their requirements. Resulting in happy clients, without a doubt!

Log and recall client feedback

Thanks to the feedback feature in the chauffeur passenger App, that gives you the ability to build on your knowledge base on the customer. Without a doubt, this improves customer service.

Chauffeur booking system that offers a personalised experience. With chauffeur passenger App
To illustrate the flexibility of the CDS system;
The communications that the client gets can be set up on a client basis, for example.

Drive Arrive
Colin Bennett

“Since subscribing with CDS my clients absolutely love the system with the important and reassuring confirmations the system automatically spins off at every stage of any hire.

Communication is key in any business and after easy configuration bookers, passengers and drivers have the necessary information right at their fingertips via email, sms or even portals to be fully briefed, updated and therefore reassured.”

When CDS chauffeur booking software makes compliance easy.

The chauffeur booking system, with the chauffeur passenger APP, puts the client first!


Basically, our chauffeur booking software gives your client confidence in the service you provide.  That is to say, you take their safety and security seriously.


In addition, the number masking feature masks personal numbers, when the driver and passenger are communicating. And, it is only active for the duration of the hire.

Real time updates on your devices
Real Time Updates

All the hire activity updates in real-time, instantly on your company dashboard. Owing to the CDS chauffeur booking system being 100% web-based.


And in addition, the passenger can be sent a link, just before pickup, showing the vehicle and chauffeur details and images, directly from the chauffeur booking system.

Furthermore, both chauffeur and passenger can receive a code just prior to pickup to ensure the right passenger gets into the right car.

CDS passenger App

Booking portals

Corporate and private clients want the freedom to book and manage their own journeys, through client booking portals

As soon as the client books, the jobs appear instantly on the company dashboard, on the Chauffeur Booking System, to be allocated. In addition, the corporate booking portals can be branded to their company, or dual branded with your own.  So the result is a solid partnership.

In brief, In the CDS chauffeur booking system your large corporate clients can have;

If you present yourself well, then you can win high-value corporate contracts

In our chauffeur booking software, we give you professional brochure templates and explainer videos, so you can pitch for corporate work with confidence.

Marketing materials to market your company

brochure templates

And what's more, the brochures provided within the CDS booking application, are editable. Not only to your company branding, but also the colours, and style.
Chauffeur booking system explainer videos

explainer videos

Moreover, the learning resources we provide for you to give to your clients explain in a clear and concise way. In effect, how our CDS chauffeur booking system works for them.

Get it right, not only the first time, but every time

In order to present your company as a sleek, professional, and trusted transport provider. Then you need to switch to our chauffeur booking software, and so be the best.

Chauffeur booking system to make you the best


With the integrity of your and your partner's client base in mind, we take measures to build and maintain trusted relationships.
Because reducing the fear of your partners taking your clients when they are on a job given by you, is crucial. So with this in mind, we make sure all paperwork and communications leave the system branded with the job owner’s logo, etc. In fact, this works equally well, when you are doing a job on behalf of one of your affiliates or vice versa.

Are you ready to save time, and so win new clients, and then go global?

Without a doubt, the best way to learn what our CDS chauffeur booking system can do for your business is to see it in action.., So get in touch!