Drivers and Partners Benefits

Have the best relationships with your partners and drivers, by using our unique chauffeur software with many useful features. For example, our CDS chauffeur dispatch app, allows you to deliver a seamless experience to your client, from pickup to final destination.  In addition, the chauffeur software has many features, that make managing partners and drivers simple.

Above all your drivers, sub-contractors, or partners are at the heart of your success.

So make their job easier with our chauffeur App. Because happy drivers help make a formidable team.

chauffeur app to keep connected
Always stay connected

The chauffeur app is available both on iOS and android.

chauffeur app image
One Chauffeur App for all

And as a matter of fact, the app is intuitive and easy to use.

Live updating on our chauffeur app

Real-time vehicle tracking from the hire start to job completion.

the chauffeur app driver calendar
Driver calendar

You can also log availability, expenses, and invoices, on the app for chauffeurs.

client requirements on the chauffeur app
Client requirements

In addition, client notes are shared with the driver, on the chauffeur dispatch app.

vehicle log on in chauffeur dispatch app
Driver log on

Not only is the driver log on feature in the chauffeur app detailed but also easy to use.

Always stay connected with our chauffeur app.

To communicate with your drivers, we provide the best app for chauffeur drivers, available for iPhone and android devices.

We also provide a web app for people who don’t want to load intrusive software on their phones. This is great for subcontractors both nationally and internationally.

Driver App CDS
Driver App CDS

One Chauffeur App

Because the chauffeur dispatch app belongs to the chauffeur and not the company, therefore all hires from all CDS companies they drive for, will then show on one integrated app screen.

Drivers can accept and decline jobs through the CDS chauffeur app, as well as update the hire as it happens. What’s more, this activity arrives on our CDS dashboard, as it happens.

Above all, drivers will love the intuitive, and easy-to-use chauffeur portal. As it not only displays details of all past and present hires, but more importantly the driver doesn’t need the link to use.

As the flight look-up feature on the chauffeur app helps the driver manage his time. This means that they shouldn’t arrive early for an airport transfer, and so avoids airport parking fees.

Dennis Jansen
The Netherlands

“CDS is the most user-friendly software currently available. Support is amazing, they are quick and will do anything to make it work for you.”

Chauffeur App - Live updating

When the driver accepts a job, presses hire status updates on either the chauffeur app or the web app.  Then the activity updates instantly on your company dashboard.  The hire progress is tracked in real-time meaning the dashboard is always up to date. 

The hire tracking is only live on the app, when the job is in progress, so the driver’s phone is not tracked outside the duration of the hire.

In the chauffeur app, we not only provide a driver calendar, but also display hours, and availability

On the CDS chauffeur app, All jobs appear on a calendar with the option for the driver to log their availability for work, and periods of non-availability such as holidays, personal appointments etc. Expenses and driver’s hours are logged in the App, invoices and drivers’ reports are available to download and print.

CDS chauffeur app driver logs availability
Log Availability
cds chauffeur app track driver expenses
Track Expenses
View Invoices
chauffeur dispatch app reports
View Reports

Client requirements

If there are any client or hire notes against the job, they appear on the chauffeur App or web App.

This ensures that the driver acts on preferences logged against the client, which is great for client satisfaction and ultimate service delivery.


client requirements on the CDS chauffeur App

Driver Log - In the CDS Chauffeur Dispatch App

When the driver starts a shift, firstly they log on to the vehicle on the CDS chauffeur app, then do a walk around to confirm the road-worthiness and condition of the vehicle, and finally log off at the end of the day.

To illustrate the scope of the vehicle log-on feature;  So the chauffeur app not only has the driver check the water levels and tires, but also the oil levels, their fitness to drive, and lastly that they have acted on any client requirements. And of course, we can also add any further checks that you may require.

chauffeur dispatch app

An archive for vehicle images is stored automatically through the chauffeur app thanks to the clever vehicle logging-on feature.

Firstly, they take a walk around the vehicle while going through a series of tick boxes, confirming the vehicle is fit and ready to drive. Secondly, they can take photos of the vehicle, so taking visual notes of any damage. In essence, this should increase driver responsibility.

CDS Connect?
That is Our Trusted local or Global Network of Chauffeur Drive System Users! It is up to you.

In order that you reach your Global potential, in brief, you need to network and integrate with your partners or affiliates. Uniquely in CDS, your network of partners is chosen and vetted by you. To clarify, this is not a job pooling system and means that you retain total control of the quality of service delivery.

So You are Ready To Save Time, Win New Clients, and also Go Global?

Then what are you waiting for? Given that the best way to learn what Chauffeur Drive Systems can do for your business is to see it in action. Then contact us for a demo of our chauffeur software with the chauffeur app, without delay!