Chauffeur Dispatch Software works for all!

CDS chauffeur dispatch system is without a doubt, the industry standard, on account of the tailor-made, customer-focused features. Such as the portals and Apps that link up the whole journey. And what’s more, our chauffeur dispatch software puts the needs of your clients first every time.  The dispatch system works across all sectors, so from weddings to corporate, and events to security driving, and everything in between.

In brief, it will do what you need it to do.

Events - Concerts
Security - Celebrity
School runs
Airport transfers
Air - Sea - Road
Film & TV
Exhibitions & shows

If you want to stand out, Then why not brand your confirmations?
And you can, if you use the best chauffeur dispatch software!

To that end, we give you many confirmation styles to choose from. In fact,  you can even format them using your own graphics and logos.  

We also provide videos for the purpose of helping you design and create, in our chauffeur dispatch software, So that you can easily do this yourself.

In effect,  you can use our tools to let your imagination run wild, and be unique. This can result in strengthening your brand and increasing your customer loyalty. 

For example, you can add a wedding bells watermark to a wedding invoice, or perhaps a football team logo to a team invoice.  Or perhaps dual brand the documents with your corporate client, hotel, or travel company, to cement your partnership with them? 

This dispatch software certainly thinks of everything!

Wearside Executive
Graeme Stammers

"We love working with CDS. As we are a small team it is vital that we have dispatch software that is quick and easy which allows us to respond to our potential clients accurately and professionally. And CDS offers just that!

Not only was the support there from the beginning to give us confidence with emails, calls and group support sessions, it has continued throughout our use for any query that arises. CDS has also allowed us to connect with other local and nationwide chauffeur firms enabling us to share best practices. We're confident CDS will help us to grow and expand over the years and continue to play a fundamental part in our business."

CDS booking confirmation customisation

In our Chauffeur dispatch system, you can choose whether to have your own branded Passenger App or use our own CDS voyager App.

Since your branding is crucial to your business identity, so we provide the tools to personalise your CDS chauffeur dispatch system. Such as web booking forms for your website, as well as corporate booking portals.

In fact, you could brand with the client logo, or why not dual brand, with yours and your client’s logo? Resulting in stronger client relationships and building brand loyalty.

In addition, the client messages and paperwork, leaving the chauffeur dispatch software can also be branded in the same way. However, if a client prefers that you just display their brand, well you can do that too.

If you use the help that we give you in our dispatch software, to present your company and your services, then you could be the winner!

Because we know how to present our chauffeur dispatch software and its benefits to your customer.  With this in mind, we created PDFs and videos that can display your brand.  If you take them along to your pitch, then this can help you win contracts.

Client user videos and documentation in CDS
Request for information (RFI) document

A report to send to your corporate bookers, that you can both format and print.

An RFI lists all information and documentation that corporate clients can ask for, in order to satisfy their corporate responsibility.

That is to say, you can include all company, vehicle, and driver information, images, and certificates, stored in the CDS chauffeur dispatch software.

Bulk importing of hires

Without a doubt, we put your clients first!

As an example, you can make bulk-booking events easier for you and for your clients.

So you can provide your client with a formatted spreadsheet. And they simply key in all the event hire details, in an easy format. And then you can instantly bulk upload straight into the chauffeur dispatch software.

Web widget

So as to make booking with you the easiest it can be.

To this end, in the CDS chauffeur dispatch system, the web booking forms can be customised. Either for an event, a conference, a concert, a wedding, an exhibition,  or a festival, etc. 

To illustrate, in the case of a wedding. Firstly you send the organiser or venue a customised web booking form, then they send it to the wedding guests, and finally, they book transport directly through you. 

CDS software security and compliance

Security and compliance

If you use the CDS chauffeur dispatch system, then you can provide the most secure service.

Vehicle logs in CDS

When vehicle data, images, and service trails, are stored in the chauffeur dispatch software. Then this will ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy, legal, and safe.

tracking in CDS software

In light of the vehicle and flight tracking being available, directly in the dispatch system. As a result, your clients will feel safe and always in control.

software provides automatic passenger messaging
Instant passenger messaging

While updating clients automatically, not only on your arrival but information such as the driver picture, exact location image, and information using What3Words (W3W). Also, a secure code can be sent to the driver and passenger, directly from the chauffeur dispatch software, to ensure the passenger gets into the right car.

Updates in real-time

Due to the hire statuses updating on the company dashboard in real-time, in the chauffeur dispatch software, then the user undoubtedly has the most up-to-date information to hand, all the time.  As a result, this alerts the operator as to problems. If the driver is going to be late for pickup, for example, so then action can be taken to avoid letting the client down.

CDS helps with GDPR

On account of the CDS chauffeur dispatch software being 100% Cloud-based.  And so, no data trace is left on the device.  Also, by using the number masking feature, i.e. dummy numbers replacing real numbers throughout the hire duration. Therefore, avoiding driver/client contact outside the hire. Additionally, address short codes can be used, to hide real addresses on invoices.

Networking never a job pool

In brief, you create your own partner network in the CDS system, and moreover, we don’t job pool. So by using our CDS CONNECT network feature, and vetting your partners, in effect, it is like you do the job. And when you pass a hire to your trusted partner in our chauffeur dispatch software, then you can guarantee your client will get the same service they expect from your company.

Planning in our CDS software

Planning at its best!

By using the vehicle and driver planner in the dispatch system for chauffeurs. Not only can you see at a glance, driver hours. But with the ‘threading’ feature, you can also work out an efficient driver and vehicle allocation.

chauffeur dispatch software integrates land sea air travel

Integrating Air / Sea / Road

Since our chauffeur dispatch software has such useful features, this means that you can use it to integrate any form of transportation. Furthermore, it can all be viewed together, on one dashboard.

chauffeur dispatch system logs client preferences

Both log client preferences and send automatic after hire requests.

Whenever your client travels with you, then any information gathered will be logged against their record in the chauffeur dispatch software. The result is that each time they appear in a hire, so their preferences can be taken into account by the admin team. With the intention of building on the customer experience and satisfaction every time, this results in the client coming back time after time. And what’s more, after-hire feedback requests are sent automatically after the hire is complete. If you listen to your clients, then you will succeed.

CDS connect

In order to help you plan vehicle and driver availability when covering large events. To this end in the CDS dispatch system software, we have created a networking feature, so you can share work with your trusted partners.

Corporate portals

And you can have different booking groups, from different departments, etc. Due to the flexibility of our corporate portals, firstly, they can have as many logins as they need, and secondly, they can be set with different security permissions.

Multilingual and multi-currency

You can not only set outgoing client messages and emails in any language, but also price and invoice in any currency in our chauffeur dispatch software. In short, in CDS, networking with international partners and drivers couldn’t be easier.

chauffeur dispatch software with green credentials
green features in CDS software

Dispatch software Green credentials

To raise awareness of our impact on the planet, so we can make changes. With this in mind, we added some useful features to the CDS Chauffeur dispatch software. For example, you can record the Co2 used in every hire, and then your clients can create and print reports in their portal.

chauffeur system with green credentials
CDS Software job sharing feature

Job sharing and corporate responsibility

In order to help your large corporate clients deal with their carbon footprint and keep their stakeholders happy, so we created some really clever features in our chauffeur dispatch software. I.e., employees from the same company can share cars, then management can create reports to detail the company’s reduced CO2, and also money saved.

GNet and CDS?

And now that we have integrated the CDS chauffeur software with the GNet platform, this has allowed our users access to 1000s of jobs from all over the world.

So if you sign up for GNet, then you will have access to the largest affiliate network worldwide.

In short, if you have aspirations to grow either nationally or globally, then GNet and CDS connect will help you achieve your ambitions.

Chauffeur Drive Systems - integration with GNet (GRIDD technologies)

If you are ready to save time, win new clients and go global, then speak to us.

Because we believe, that the best way to learn what our CDS chauffeur dispatch software can do for your business, is to see it in action, without a doubt!
So get in touch!