Our chauffeur booking, dispatch and management system helps you win corporate contracts, as we try to provide additional features and functionality that puts your customer at the centre of the service you provide.
Job Merging – our software enables you to merge jobs.

What is Job Merging?

• This is where you have staff booking either directly with you or through our corporate booking portal, this can be dual branded with yours and/or your clients’ logo. If there are pick-ups and drop offs in proximity and time, these passengers can be merged into one car.
• You can choose which passengers you want to merge as certain management staff would want to ride solo.
• You can choose the parameters, so for instance you may set a rule that only hires with up to two hours from pick-up to drop off can be merged. This ensures the passengers are not sitting in a car for an excessive duration while picking and dropping others off.
• The confirmations and messages conform to GDPR requirements, as they do not include information of other passengers, just information for the individual.

Why Merge Jobs?

• Filling the car up with people travelling to and from similar locations within a close time frame, reduces wasted mileage and money for the client.
• This is very attractive for organisations as it reduces the impact their corporate travel has on the planet, while saving them money. The invoice can detail the money saved by merging two or more hires, and the vehicle emissions.
• Corporate Responsibility – In an environment of increasing attention given to reducing our impact on the planet. The CEO of an organisation will be very happy to present the efforts being made to save money and reduce carbon footprint etc to the board of directors and shareholders.

Advantages to your chauffeur company

• You look good suggesting money saving and taking measures to reduce our negative impact on the planet.
• The corporate travel organiser will look good to their superior and encourage loyalty to you as not many companies can offer this service.
• You are a truly customer focused company.

But how do you communicate this feature when pitching to your corporate clients?

We provide you with a word document, explaining how our system benefits the corporate client. This covers the corporate client booking portals and merging jobs. You can reformat the document as you please and put in your own logos before presenting them.
Advising you and supplying you with the tools to help you retain your customers, by enabling you to provide the best service possible is our speciality, Talk to us!!

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