CDS Chauffeur online dispatch

If you want online dispatch software, with a powerful system interface. But also one that gives the best efficiency and saves you time and money. Then read on!

So what is a chauffeur online system, that is 100% in the cloud?

Dispatch software in the market will make many claims.  However, If you must download or install any uploads, or updates onto any device, then the online dispatch software isn’t a 100% chauffeur online system!

In order to benefit from a cloud-based platform, then there should be no data trace left after you have logged off. In fact, this means that you can work anywhere, on any device with a wi-fi connection.  And no GDPR issues. If your online dispatch software isn’t really, then you are not getting the benefit from the most up-to-date,  fantastic cloud-based technology available. 

chauffeur online system on all devices
cloud based technology

100% online chauffeur booking system – 100% Flexible

So what makes an online dispatch system online so great?
In short, you can jump onto any device at any location with no download.

As long as you have a device with a wi-fi connection. Then you are never more than a login away from a full overview of your business. And the online dispatch system isn’t limited when in mobile mode, so gives you total peace of mind.

To illustrate, you can run your business from your car on a tablet, when you are out working.  Even if you are on holiday, you have total access to your data. So our online chauffeur booking software gives you total freedom to live your life.

Not only do all CDS systems update instantaneously, but they are also free. Thanks to the continual development of our chauffeur online system, this means that you are running on the most up-to-date technology.

Safe Solo
Dan Belcher

"Working with technology providers is vitally important to get right to ensure there is no impact to Safe Solo's service with regard to safety, security, and service."

Business without borders

The Power to network - internationally

In order to expand your brand globally then you should be using our online chauffeur booking software. Because with CDS Connect, you can interact and integrate with systems all over the world.

But don’t worry, if your partner isn’t running our CDS chauffeur online software. As you can just send them a web link to use. In fact, this gives them the same functionality through a weblink, that allows you to keep track of exactly what is happening, as it happens.

Furthermore,  in our CDS software, you can run multiple global bases or partner companies, on the same chauffeur online platform. And the pricing and invoicing can be in any currency, while client communications can be in their language.

So, what is stopping you from saving time, winning new clients, and going global?

Without a doubt, our chauffeur online system can help you reach your goals. And the best way to learn what CDS dispatch software can do for your business is to see it in action. So contact us!