Maintain your existing customer relationships, to avoid forking out up to 5 times more to attract new ones.

Recent research has revealed, that if you increase the retention of customers by 5%, your profits will increase anywhere from 25-95%.

Is splashing the cash on advertising and a fancy website, hoping to rise above the noise of the internet to grab those elusive new clients, the best way to grow your business? When the fact is that the majority of these clients will give your website a cursory glance, give you a moment to impress them, and then exit left to the next glitzy website that takes their fancy.  While in your armoury, you already have a solid base of loyal clients who come back time and again to your company.  It costs such a lot to get a new customer, so how about delivering a great product and service experience, to ensure your loyal customers keep coming back, simple as?

The reality is, it takes more effort for your clients to stay with you, rather than go to the trouble of researching and trialling others.  So, appreciate that these clients are valuable, and will save you money.

How can it save you money?

So, what can a chauffeur company do to retain this valuable asset?

You need to put in place a comprehensive customer feedback policy, to log every interaction with your client, building up as much knowledge about them as you can. This way you can better your service at every interaction, and really keep them on your side.

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