There has never been a better and more crucial time to review and innovate your business, than in the current pandemic lock-down.  The sudden and absolute shock of the lock down that started with China in January and rapidly rolled out through the whole planet, has brought the worldwide economies to a halt. This has hit industry in varying degrees, some of which have been quicker and more severely than others. For the transport, travel and tourism and hospitality industries, it has been a particularly worrying time.

Of course, we all must remember the real tragedy of this situation is the loss of life, but what is certain is that we will return to business as usual, hopefully sooner rather than later. So, when the industry starts to move again, who will be the winners and losers?

Churchill is attributed as saying ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’, while this statement was used during a much deeper and protracted crisis, this is just as relevant today. In challenging times, we need to evaluate and analyse what we do and how we do it. The solutions can often be found outside the usual compass, and it takes courage to shake off our complacency and to critically analyse our everyday norms and routines, finding better, more business efficient ways of carrying them out. What was working for your company before this event may not be as effective in a few months’ time. Being pro-active now, and putting business improvements in place, could give your business the competitive boost it needs to survive and thrive in the post pandemic environment.

How do you physically protect yourself and clients?

It takes a bit of ingenuity and creativity to reinvent the service you offer to clients, addressing their worries and communicating the steps that you are doing to minimise their risk while using your service.

I have seen various actions taken by private hire operators during the past couple of months:

Universal testing will be the moment when we can all provide absolute assurance to our infection clearance, hopefully that will be just around the corner.

So, progressive and innovative companies that grab the opportunity to confront and overturn a bad situation will come out on top.  It is predicted that many small operators will leave the market for various reasons, as a consequence of the lock down, which will leave a huge gap to be exploited. There will be a larger demand for trusted transport provision, but fewer operators and drivers in the market.

Presently, companies in the private hire industry have lots of time on their hands, so being too busy is not an excuse. It is time to review and overhaul the service you provide to make your business stronger and prepared for future success.

Plan of Action

Why don’t you introduce an effective, cloud-based chauffeur booking, dispatch and management system?

There are too many reasons why this is an essential strategy to list here.  But safe to say that by using the right software, it will save you so much time, streamline your business and increase your profits. You will increase the professionalism of your company, and the features offered by cloud-based software will help you convey this to your clients.

Some of Chauffeur Drive Systems client facing features:

Let us become part of your business lock down exit strategy. We will discuss how and if our software is suitable for your business and won’t hard sell. Call 0044 1786 611299.