Safe Solo and CDS chauffeur partnership

Chauffeur Drive Systems is a cloud-based chauffeur system that provides extensive networking and international features.

Daniel Belcher of Safe Solo Ltd is one of our more recent users on our chauffeur software platform, and this is a bit about him, the service he provides, and how he utilises our software.

“I founded Safe Solo due to my passion for safety and with my vision and experience in the Ground Transportation sector, I felt there was an opportunity to make a mark on this world and help drive change when it comes to duty of care.

I decided to take myself out of my comfort zone and come up with a concept for change and produced an idea for many people across different sectors and received well-backed support. I have been in the Ground transport business for 15+ years, making many contacts with both customers and within the sector on a global scale with contacts, coupled with the many changes in the industry, including how far technology has come with ride-hailing apps, and sustainability including the rise in EVs. I am passionate about offering a high-end reliable, safe, and secure service with the highest level of customer service from start to finish.

Although Safe Solo is a service for all, I do have a focus when it comes to female safety, a subject that is not discussed enough in my opinion.  We are in a great position as an industry where more can be done to ensure females feel safer and being in a Taxi/Chauffeur vehicle can be a safe space. I am a son, brother, and friend to many females, and that is why I aim to drive more awareness across the industry.

I’ve been in the ground transportation business for about 15 years and have worked for some of the best companies in the industry. I’ve seen many changes, including how far technology has advanced with ride-hailing apps, EV rollouts, tracking, and so on, all of which have their benefits.  But my passion to provide a high-end, reliable, safe, secure service with the highest levels of customer service from start to finish remains.

We will use technology to support our safety pledge, while also providing a premium customer-focused service for a perfect start and end to a journey.  To this end, we hope to collaborate with global and national partners. who are willing to work with Safe Solo or help raise awareness for duty of care and increased safety for all travellers.

A little more about me, I enjoy travelling and have been to 33 countries and many cities enjoying witnessing many great cultures and landmarks, I am also a football season ticket holder, and enjoy socialising and downtime which is extremely important, I like to cook and spend time on learning new skills, reading & listening to podcasts.”

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