Secure Dispatch Chauffeur Software.
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Dispatch booking system - GDPR

And so with CDS, you get the benefits of a private hire booking system, that doesn’t leave a data trace on your device. And this is because our dispatch chauffeur software does not install or download any files, passwords, or data onto your device.  The result is that no sensitive or personal information is left on the hardware. Also, you comply with GDPR on our dispatch booking software.

security in dispatch chauffeur software

Dispatch chauffeur software - The Safety And Privacy Of Yours and your clients Data.

the azure cloud security

We think that only the best servers will do for our CDS dispatch chauffeur software. To this end, we use Microsoft Azure servers which are also the most trusted cloud platform for many government institutions. 

In fact, Azure meets specific standards, such as, the UK’s G-Cloud. And also,  Australia’s IRAP Microsoft Azure was the first cloud server platform to meet the new global standard for cloud privacy ISO27018.

To spell it out, the cloud offers a higher level of security.  This is due to the multi-level protection, compliance certifications, cybersecurity controls, and threat mitigation practices of Microsoft Azure management. 

The software stays 2 steps ahead.

Dispatch booking software so your client feels secure!

2 way number masking in our chauffeur drive software

Number masking

The system masks the driver number from the client and the client number from the driver during an active job, so neither party has real contact information.  And this also works internationally.

dispatch chauffeur software - vehicle tracking


In our dispatch chauffeur software, we have live tracking of vehicles. CDS uses not only google maps but also What3Words to be sure that pickup and drop-off locations are as accurate as can be.

dispatch chauffeur software - location image

Location Image

Since the security of the passenger is vital, with this in mind we have many clever features. Such as the pickup location image is sent by SMS to passengers so they know where to meet the driver.

Vehicle image in CDS


Additionally, the driver and vehicle image is sent automatically from the dispatch chauffeur system to the client before a hire. Indeed, we do everything we can to put the safety of your passengers first.

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Corporate Portals in our Dispatch chauffeur software

You can give corporate clients in an organisation their own corporate portals. And this puts them in control of booking and editing their own trips, therefore less for you to do!

The benefit of our corporate portals in the dispatch booking software is that the users are responsible for the accuracy of their bookings. They not only book and edit journeys but can also download and print off reports and invoices. Another great feature is the ability to set various levels of security and permissions.  And so choosing who can see what, in the portals.

Private hire booking system RFI

Request for information documents

To Create, download and send an RFI (Request for information) document. Couldn't be easier!

Our CDS dispatch chauffeur software sends the booker an RFI, if asked for. And this is a report to show prospective clients that you have good due diligence. For example, an RFI may include, the current training and legal documents that you hold, not only for the drivers but also your company credentials and vehicle maintenance and legalities. In fact, it contains all the information in one document, to help gain and retain the client’s trust in your company. What’s more, the system creates it in just one click!

Vehicle Log on

And all documentation and data held within the system, on the drivers and vehicles, etc, is stored on the cloud.  For example, in the dispatch driver software, you can attach and store an archive of images, such as the images and checklist, from the vehicle log-on and handover.

Dispatch chauffeur software masking data

Short addresses

Furthermore,  addresses in the CDS private hire booking system can be stored in code form. These coded addresses are used, not only in invoicing but also within the corporate portals. The fact that personal addresses are not available for anyone to view, is a feature that your corporates will love.

The private hire booking system that looks out for number 1.

Dispatch chauffeur software with security features
- just for you

Dispatch chauffeur system security for your company

Working securely - Partners

So all the client communications come from your system, when a partner covers a job for you, in our dispatch chauffeur software.  Therefore, your client will think it is you who is doing the job. 

And we make every effort in our CDS dispatch chauffeur software,  to ensure that your client stays with you.  To this end, we ensure that they are not aware that another company is covering the job. Additionally, everything will be branded with your branding. 

Why mask numbers?

To help you keep your clients!

You can switch client and driver numbers with one of your bank of numbers in the driver booking system, for the duration of the hire. And this makes it difficult for either party to communicate outside the job.  Additionally – all this is set up to happen automatically.

Company permissions

The company owner sets permissions per staff member, to access the dispatch chauffeur system.

Permissions are switched on or off easily. For example, if you don’t want the dispatching staff to see pricing or invoicing, or to change configurations, then you just block access to this functionality.

And do you want to Save Time, Win New Clients, And Go Global?

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