Chauffeur dispatch

Because of the clever technology we use, it’s the best!  The CDS  chauffeur dispatch not only helps you strengthen your relationships between your company, subcontractors, and owner-drivers. But the dispatch management system also helps to create a loyal and trusted network. While using the best dispatch system software will keep your own staff happy.

CDS Dispatch management system

In short, our chauffeur dispatch management system, helps your chauffeur business grow.

Above all, CDS dispatch software for chauffeur companies is not an agency or middleman, so we only have your interests at heart. Neither are we owned by a chauffeur or taxi company and are totally independent. CDS just do IT to give you the best driver dispatch software we can. So aiming to give you the tools to survive, in this challenging and competitive industry.

Control your business, whether on holiday or out on the road.

From the smallest to the largest company, our chauffeur dispatch supports you when you grow. Even if you are out on the road, you can not only input and edit but also keep an eye on what is happening in the system. In fact, all admin functionality is available to manage your business on any mobile device, with just a wi-fi connection and your login.

Auto pricing and invoicing.

From simple pricing to more complex auto-pricing rules.  Our chauffeur dispatch software has what you need, for the way you want to price. In addition to the 12+ invoice styles and many confirmation styles to choose from.  Also, you can customise the paperwork leaving the system, either with your own graphics, watermarks, or logos, so to build and strengthen your brand. Furthermore, you can take payment through the driver dispatch system. To this end, we have linked with Stripe, and the system stores payment details, in the form of a token, for taking payment later. If that wasn’t all, we also link with many accounting systems, hence helping you keep your accounts correct and up to date.

multi-company and brands on one dashboard

Not only can you have multiple companies together on one dashboard, and you can even be based in different countries using the same dashboard. But in the CDS chauffeur dispatch system, the Invoicing and pricing can come out of one system, liveried to different brands.

Increase company profit

Thanks to our dispatch system software being on the web, so your workflow is totally seamless and integrated. And because our company dashboard for the chauffeur dispatch is so clever,  it means that you can see in real-time what is happening either in current or future jobs.

Speedy data input

To explain;  data entry is fast, and you can edit jobs in a few clicks. Also, there is autosuggest and information saving at every point of client contact, such as addresses, etc. And If you are in the Transport for London area (TFL), then you can create your weekly TFL return, in just one click.

Postcode and flight lookup

So that you can have the most accurate journey planning, to this end in our chauffeur dispatch, we added flight lookup. Not to mention the Google and What3Words address lookups, to be sure of exact location data. Not just for pick up and drop off accuracy but also for pricing. 

CK Cars
Chris & Kelly Brookes

"It has revolutionised our business, made us look far more professional, gave us more time to cover more jobs and grow the business and also made it so easy to locate other users in areas that we’ve needed assistance in, or others locate us when they have needs outside their normal working areas."

Communicate with your clients directly from the chauffeur dispatch system dashboard

Update the passengers and drivers automatically with job status updates through email and SMS or call them! The dashboard in the dispatch system software is a snapshot of your business.  Above all, it gives you all the information you need, along with clear alerts in real-time, so that you can react if things are not going to plan.

chauffeur dispatch from CDS

Chauffeur dispatch with CDS - the way to stay ahead

Get an overview of all your current jobs at a glance

A dynamic pie chart on the fleet dispatch system lets you know the progress of each job with just a look.

Firstly this saves employee time with smooth processes that reduce your workload. Secondly, increases efficiency.  Lastly, reduces costs, that in turn increases your profit.

We help your planning

Your CDS diary in the chauffeur dispatch merges fully with your diary, and the vehicle and driver allocation planner use drop and drag. So, this maximises the usage of not only the driver but also the vehicles. 

For example, the job threading feature, in the driver dispatch works out if a vehicle or driver can work in jobs back-to-back. And so helps to prevent the needless waste of driver miles by aiding in the planning, with the intention of reducing your carbon footprint.

Management reports and analytics

The CDS Analytics feature, in the dispatch system software, is where you can build up screens of ‘at a glance’ analysis reports. And this can be done for any configuration of the data that you require, then print them off for management.

Also, you can configure the hire archive data screens and real-time hire data screens in the chauffeur dispatch, to the view that suits your business. As well as the ability to configure, then create the reports and print. All this with the intention of helping you with management analysis and decision-making, to be the best you can.

Marketing materials

We create videos and editable PDFs, to explain the benefits of the dispatch management system to your clients. In order to help you pitch to clients and then win corporate contracts. 

Multilingual and multi-currency

Communications with the passengers can be set up in any language, in the CDS dispatch system software.  As can the portals. All client-facing paperwork can be created in the system in any language you need.


Even manage your chauffeur dispatch on holiday, with a device and internet connection. The benefit of being 100% cloud-based is that you don’t have any software downloaded onto the device, so good for GDPR, as no trace is left. 

Affiliates and CDS

Your key to success is attending to every small detail, and that makes your client, partner, drivers and colleagues feel really special.

Global Collaboration

Tools to help you strengthen your relationships between your company, sub-contractors, and owner-drivers. And so help you to create a loyal network be it at home or away. Extend your brand worldwide.

Affiliates – CDS Connect and GNET Pass a job to a partner, whether or not they have our platform. However, the advantage of passing between companies within the CDS network, is that the process is fully integrated.

Chauffeur dispatch from CDS can save you time, help you win new clients, and go global.

So to learn what our dispatch management system can do for your business, you need to see it in action. Only if you want to be the best of course!