“When I set up Wrexham Chauffeurs in 2019, I spent a long time researching chauffeur software systems that I could use to record my bookings (it’s a requirement of having an operators license for running a Private Hire company that you record bookings).

There is a vast choice – with various price tags – and I ended up doing nothing for fear of taking the wrong choice, and being lumbered with something unsuitable.

I had managed to attain membership of the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs and came across a system called Chauffeur Drive System that one of the founders of the Guild was using for running his business.

I looked them up online, and eventually placed a tentative phone call with them – and they offered me a screen share demo, followed by a free trial.

I thought – “OK, I can always walk away at the end of the free trial if it’s not what I want. Bet it’s bloody expensive.”

Well, I took the free trial, and it wasn’t bloody expensive. Not only that, but the support was amazing, and new features wer added all the time.

The cost of the system is more than offset by the time it saves me chasing payment and faffing around each month

It gives me a very professional look to my business, it enables me to link with partner chauffeurs all over the UK and overseas, and it takes care of everything for me.

I now know what I wish I’d known then, that in the chauffeur industry, there is one system that stands out in front of all the others, and that is the “Chauffeur Drive System”.

If you’re in the industry and haven’t yet had a free demo, then call them – and get one booked. Two of my colleagues have started with the system in the last month, and it’s going from strength to strength.

P.S. Do it now – before that PENT UP DEMAND gets going…”

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Geth Thomas