CDS dispatch system
Pricing and support

In brief, you get a very smart dispatch system for chauffeurs, and all at a really simple price!

Moreover, the driver dispatch software also includes excellent customer help and support and at no extra cost.
To be sure we have it covered!


And to Sum up - this is what's included?

Whenever you need a dispatch system for chauffeurs, that has no contract or hidden charges.

Because our pricing is simple and clear, and so helping your company to thrive and grow, and beat the rest!
In addition, thanks to a ‘look but don’t touch policy',
you therefore only pay a license for users who are editing data on the private hire dispatch system. That is, it costs nothing just to watch what is happening. Simply the best value dispatch software - without a doubt!

For example, you can have as many logins as you like in the private hire software if these logins are just watching what is happening, but not editing data. However, if you need access to the private hire booking software, for an admin person doing a few hours of invoicing a month. In this case, we give you 4 hours of free access a month for an additional active administrator. Above all, the CDS dispatch system is here to help, and we believe in being fair.

Clear pricing

In fact, our pricing policy for our chauffeur dispatch software is very clear and simple. E.g. many other companies charge by the number of cars,  jobs, drivers, offices, or countries that you operate in, etc. Generally, our charge is for our software and that’s it, so our cost isn’t associated with your effort.  Because we like to keep it straightforward!

No contract

Above all we want our users to be happy, and we think that If our chauffeur system isn’t the right fit or doesn’t suit their needs, then we don’t believe in tying them into either a long, expensive, or binding contract. Given that we get so many new clients through word of mouth, from our dispatch system users, then evidently our client satisfaction speaks volumes. 

Passenger Benefits

Undoubtedly, the CDS dispatch software makes the booking experience simple, and the communications professional. Overall, we want to please your clients.

CDS chauffeur software passenger App, in our private hire booking software

Company Benefits

While using clever and intuitive technology, also helps you strengthen your relationships. Not only in your company, but also with subcontractors, and owner-drivers.

private hire dispatch software company benefits

Partner Benefits

Overall, as long as our dispatch software can help you deliver a seamless experience to your client, From pick-up to the final destination. So then we are doing our job!

Chauffeur Drive Software the private hire booking software to help your partner networking

If you are ready to save time, so you can win new clients, and go global. Then it is time to look at our dispatch system!

Certainly, we believe that the best way to learn what the CDS private hire booking software can do for your business is to see it in action. Therefore you need to call us for a quick initial chat and arrange an online demo.