CK Cars has been running for about 10 years now and we have been using CDS for about the last 4 years. Before that, we used pen and paper but needed something electronic to move forward. Gareth does an online demo but was quick to check if we actually would benefit from paying for CDS or be better using Google Calendar, which he said he would help sort if more appropriate.

This was a very unusual but refreshingly honest ‘sales pitch’, in the end, we signed up for a monthly plan. It did take a while to get our heads around the system as it is so feature-rich, but we got through the learning curve and we are so glad we did. It has revolutionised our business, made us look far more professional, give us more time to cover more jobs and grow the business, and also made it so easy to locate other users in areas that we’ve needed assistance in, or others locate us when they have needs outside their normal working areas. The features available are constantly growing and evolving, if you need it to do something that’s not currently available they will try to implement it for you, though this is getting a rare occurrence now! The real beauty of the system though is the flexibility to make it work with you rather than you having to work how it tells you to work. Top this off with a fantastic monthly price, that doesn’t go up with more drivers/vehicles/operators… and the fact that Gareth, Denise, and Mia are so amazing and you quickly realise why CDS is the Gold Standard for chauffeur companies globally.

CK Cars - Chris & Kelly Brookes