I am an owner-driver on the Gold Coast, Australia.

I began my research for software in 2020, first off, I looked at what my would-be competitors were using, and to be honest I was shocked at how antiquated and long-winded some were at pricing. I thought about how if I was the customer and how many steps, I would like to take to get a price. I eventually came up with a wish list of what I would want my chosen software to include.

  • Minimal phone contact with clients, I didn’t want to take calls while I have clients on board.
  • Binding price without supplying all my personal details.
  • Easy to use.
  • Be able to take care of the back office with the least printed paperwork.
  • Email and text interaction with clients.
  • I wanted to be able to use it via an iPad so that I could use the system on the go.
  • Good support

When looking for software I could find nothing that suited my requirements and the most up-to-date postings seemed to be from 2014 which when you think how fast software moves, is ancient. There were also a couple of suppliers in Asia who wanted thousands of dollars to tailor something for me. After 4 different demos which only fitted some of my wish list and also being told that it’s the finished product with no changes, I was disappointed.

Unhappy with my search for software and being English, I wondered what the UK was using, so took my search to the UK and this is where I came across Chauffeur Drive Systems in Scotland after stalking some of their users (something I couldn’t do with other software) and seeing how CDS integrated with their websites, I sent off an email to them asking for their free two months trial/demo. After a long WhatsApp phone call and onscreen demo with Gareth and I was sure it fitted my wish list 100%. Pricing, one of the items which wasn’t even on my wish list is just the price of a cup of coffee a day and that means no massive software outlay.
After finding my way around and starting some demo hires, I soon began to realise my wish list was way too short and didn’t include a lot of these great inclusions that are included, I also thought that there were heaps of things that I wouldn’t need within the software, as time goes on I find that I’m using more and more of these great inclusions to make my day easier and my business look bigger than it actually is, plus looking very professional.

Here are just a few features I like about Chauffeur Drive Systems and the software.

The software is cloud-based and can work from any device anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
There are literally well over 120 short videos to help you set up, with tips and FAQs to improve how you run your system. I also must not forget the excellent tips and help feature.
The weekly boot camps are a fantastic idea and a great way of picking up tips and ideas that help you to improve the way you are doing things. If you can’t be involved live you can watch them afterward and also previous boot camps in the support area.
Support from Gareth and his team is fantastic even with our time zone differences.
Making changes and listening to improvements that CDS clients request are no problem for Gareth as he is so passionate about his software.
I think the best of all is when my email goes off and a booking has come in, already with credit card details attached, with no contact with the client, this is very satisfying.

If you take Chauffeur Drive Systems’ two-month free trial, you like me won’t regret it!

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