Chauffeur Drive Systems has quite simply revolutionised my business! Experiencing steady growth since the middle of 2015 I soon realised I needed a more automated system for my private hire bookings as they were previously very manual, clunky, and not at all dynamic.

After monitoring chats and opinions about the various systems available via chauffeur networks on social media, I soon learned that CDS was the one everyone was talking about. Since subscribing some 18 months ago my clients absolutely love the system with the important and reassuring confirmations the system automatically spins off at every stage of any hire. Communication is key in any business and after easy configuration bookers, passengers and drivers have the necessary information right at their fingertips via email, SMS, or even portals to be fully briefed, updated, and therefore reassured. But, here is the absolute best bit! Unlike other systems on the market, the owners actively seek feedback and ideas from us, the system users, and industry professionals so they can code in more useful features and functions making the whole thing ‘even’ better for everyone. Still going above and beyond, they have been holding Boot Camp workshop sessions via conference calls during the quiet COVID-19 pandemic to inspire us via screen sharing. So many users have utilised the relative downtime to enhance their individual configurations even more, to be on a better footing when this pandemic finally lifts. CDS has made my business far more efficient and really helped grow it. With no contract, very reasonable monthly fees, and proactive owners who care about their clients. This is, without a doubt, the best booking system around. 

Drive Arrive – Colin Bennett

Huntingdon, Home counties