“Our Chauffeur business has been using bookings systems for a number of years, we were growing frustrated with the limited capabilities of the current systems and that they were either based around Taxi dispatch systems or static in an office. The chauffeur industry is very much different to the Taxi sector as the requirements are not based around auto dispatch, we require detail and need to add value to each booking and journey to support or level of service offered to the client. Many of us are drivers too so are away from the office a great deal, making the most of our dead time while out is key to ensure the business grows and importantly we get a life at home!

The fact CDS is in the cloud giving you access to the system on the move is key, allowing you to be productive and make the most of your time and make changes on demand to meet our client’s expectations. The team at CDS is the difference though, from the start the level of support has been outstanding. From getting the system up and running to listening to new ideas and bringing them into the system, you feel your ideas are listened to and more often than not added for the benefit of all. As the system grows, the networking of the users is going to be a massive benefit, allowing your partner network to grow with like-minded users, and making the process of covering work much easier.

The value CDS brings to our business has been instrumental in our growth over the last 3 years and we are confident it has won us new business.  But importantly, gives us the edge over others, to retain current business which is important. Cost wise it is a no brainier, the value and time saving of using CDS is more than justified and we would be more than happy to discuss CDS with any potential users.”

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Nick Jackson-Smith

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