Web-Portal bookings for your online Chauffeur System

Our Chauffeur Drive System is a totally cloud-based booking, dispatch and management system for the chauffeuring industry. With the growth and success of your business in mind, we developed a Web Portal so that your clients can book jobs directly into your Chauffeur Drive System.

The Web Portal can be either embedded into your own website, or into a 3rd party website. Examples of this; events, conference or expo organisations, high end hotels, spas, restaurants, private schools, universities, private hospitals, train and bus stations, bars, golf clubs etc

So, what is a Web Portal?

It is an independent booking portal, where the general public can book jobs through yours or the 3rd party website, and the job will arrive on the dash, waiting for you to accept.  It is a simple procedure to embed, we give you a line of code that is passed to the web designer. After it is set up, you need to configure what the Web Portal will look like, so setting up the pricing and available vehicles with images.

For your company and the 3rd party client, you can set up a client portal, this gives access to the lists of bookings, new bookings can be input, and the jobs coming through the Web Portal can be edited and managed.  So, if you embed a Web Portal into a hotel website for instance, they will be able to see, edit and manage all jobs entered by their clients, and see progress of hire, send confirmations, progress messages and take payment.  They will also see the history of all jobs in the past with invoicing details.

The paperwork can be dual branded in the client portal, so that all communications leaving the system will be branded with the logo of the 3rd party establishment on one side, and your logo on the other.  This is very popular, as it looks like they have their own dedicated chauffeuring service. It also helps to promote customer loyalty and retention.

This is how our portals work in a nutshell, we understand that it is difficult trying to explain how the technology works and for this reason we have created downloadable, editable marketing materials.  This allows you to create documentation with your own look, using our words to take along to talk to your clients to best explain what the technology can do for them. We have lost count of how many of our current chauffeur clients have won corporate contracts by doing this!

Why use a totally Cloud-based system?

We use 100% Microsoft Azure servers, because of their scale they can react to threats and attacks to their servers.  They are responsible for the protection against malware and viruses and data stored in the cloud is totally recoverable if disaster strikes.  They see themselves as an added security layer for all company datacentres.  So, in effect we can offer you enterprise grade security measures that many businesses may not be able to access on their own. This is a great selling point when approaching your corporate clients.

As regards Compliance issues, Microsoft Azure have more certifications than any other cloud provider, leading in areas of security and the privacy requirements required for GDPR.

Cybersecurity remains at the forefront of risk management for both companies and government agencies today.  A common perception is that local data storage serves as the best option for security. However, in most cases, the cloud is more secure than local storage.  With our system nothing is loaded and saved onto a laptop or device, so there is no data trace left, whereas with local file storage, data can only be accessed on site in a specific location.

In our constantly changing business environment, more companies are adopting more flexible working schedules.  Data storage in the cloud allows system users to access data anywhere in the world at any time, on any device.  This also allows for employees to visit clients offsite to pull up data and information quickly without the need to connect to a VPN. All you need is a laptop/phone/tablet, internet connection and a password to get into the complete Chauffeur Drive Systems functionality, from any location worldwide.

If you need further information on the merits of using Chauffeur Drive Systems, please give us a ring or look at our website. Even better, we would love to show you our system, and if you can spare us an hour, we can share screens with you and show you the functionality and can answer any queries you might have as we go along.

Website: www.chauffeurdrivesystems.com

Telephone: 01786 611299