With the chauffeuring industry evolving all the time, it is increasingly apparent that networking, collaborating and sharing work with like minded operators is essential.

In our chauffeur software we offer, in our standard suite of features, the ability to network with your selected and vetted partners. In September alone, 300 jobs were shared within our network, with a total value of £30,000, this figure is growing month on month as companies recover.

It is possible to share jobs to companies who do not have our software also, this is done via a one shot portal. This portal allows the partner company (without CDS) to progress the job etc, but in this scenario the owner of the client and the job may lose control of branding, pricing etc.

How does it work?

CDS users who want to be visible on our CDS CONNECT interactive map, log their company details in with a brief synopsis of the service they provide and vehicles etc, so they are visible to other users.

When a user is looking for a partner in an area, they search the map, and contact any people in the area who they would be interested in talking to.

We encourage our users to research the prospective partner, do due diligence, and talk to them. The partner is an extension and representative of their company and so it is essential to ensure that they share the same values and are committed to deliver the same standard of service delivery.

When they are both happy to establish a partnership, they then link the companies together in CDS. From now on they can both push and receive jobs from each other seamlessly.

All communications, branding, pricing and invoicing can come from the job owners system, so the client does not realise the job is not being done by their chosen provider.

What are the major benefits?

No job pool – Sharing jobs takes place under agreement between a chosen network of partners. Each CDS user who wants to use CDS CONNECT builds up their own vetted and trusted network of partners.

All communications, branding, pricing and invoicing goes to the client automatically from the job owner, ensuring continuity of service standards and helps to prevent client poaching.  The client is unaware it is not their chosen provider doing the job.

Number masking can be used, so the client will phone the same number they have for the chauffeur company, but this will be redirected to the partner covering the job.

The job owner retains administrative ownership of the job throughout, the partner just undertakes the service as directed.

The receiving partner has no data entry, the job arrives on the dashboard to be accepted or rejected, and as the job progresses it is updated on both dashboards as it happens.

We have CDS users in multiple countries now, spreading throughout the world, giving our chauffeur software clients international reach.

Chauffeur Drive Systems don’t take a cut, no middle man fees, we provide CDS CONNECT as part of our standard suite of features.

This is only a snapshot of our functionality, call us for a demo, and take advantage of our 60 day free trial.

Take a look at our website, https://www.chauffeurdrivesystems.com, give us a call 01786 611299, or send us an email info@chauffeurdrivesystems.com