Chauffeur Drive Systems have teamed up with Quartix vehicle trackers, to integrate their trackers into our chauffeur software. We believe the valuable information gained through the trackers is a useful addition, to help you streamline the management of your chauffeur business.

But you can already track vehicles through the CDS system?

We provide a mapping function within the system that tracks the vehicle, thanks to locations being sent from the chauffeur App on the drivers’ phone. This information can then be sent as a weblink to either the PA or to the passenger, so that they can monitor the real-time progress of the vehicle.
This method of vehicle tracking works well for smaller companies and owner drivers but tracking through an App is always reliant on the driver being motivated to use it. The chauffeur needs to download the App onto their phone, allow location services, keep their phone charged and actively progress the job as it happens. The App works by pinging back its location, speed and bearing every 60 seconds but also relies on having suitable location GPS satellites. This can be blocked by the driver for instance, by storing his phone in the door pocket or by simply turning his phone off.
The big advantage of this method of vehicle tracking is that it comes free as part of our cloud-based chauffeur system, and if your company deals mainly with sub-contracting work, this will be the best option as they will not be willing to put a tracker in their vehicle. But this method of tracking vehicles has limitations as mentioned, and it only provides real time tracking with no supplementary information.

Advantages of using a hard-wired tracker.

We decided to integrate the Quartix tracker Api into our software for its wider functionality. It is a more effective option for tracking vehicles as it is attached to the vehicle and so always on, the mapping is much more accurate and provides a wealth of information that can help you manage your company more efficiently.

Key points;

This is only a snapshot of vehicle tracker functionality, if you want to find out more about the Quartix trackers you can contact Katie Jones @, mobile number 01686 807611.
Or if you want further information about our vehicle tracking options and would like to chat with us on the merits of using Chauffeur Drive Systems, please give us a ring, drop us an email or take a look at our website. Even better, we would love to show you our system if you can spare us an hour.  We can share screens with you and show you how it all works while answering any queries you might have.
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